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No Machine on Earth Can Match Human Body

November 08, 1986

The "just say no" program is a step in the right direction in our anti-drug efforts, but we mustn't expect any quick miracles from it. We have for at least three generations been refusing to face the problems of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; we can't reverse that trend overnight. And correction will have to come through education, not control.

We must learn, ourselves, and teach children to realize, that the human body is a miraculous machine , which is provided strictly one-to-a-customer, and that to deliberately damage the body is sheer idiocy.

If you gave a teen-ager a brand new car, and there was no other like it in the world, would the teen-ager deliberately smash it up with hammers and saws? Consider a few truths about the machine we call the human body:

--No computer on earth can rival the human brain.

--No camera in the world can compare with the human eye.

--No stereo set can perform like a pair of human ears.

--No communications system in the world can match the human nervous system.

--No air conditioning/heating system can control temperatures like the body's thermostat, which keeps a steady 98.6 degrees when it's working right and sends fever or chill signals when it isn't.

--No power plant ever built uses fuel as efficiently as the human digestive system, or disposes of its wastes as sensibly,.

--No steel building structure is as perfectly balanced as the human skeleton, and certainly none is capable of both support and movement.

--No bridge ever built has a support span to rival the arch of the human foot.

--No tool ever invented is as versatile or useful as the human hand.

--No road system ever designed carries its traffic as expertly as the arteries and veins of the human body, or has a control center like the human heart and lungs.

--No manufacturing plant on earth has a self-regulating mechanism to compare with the human liver.

--No machine can unite with another machine to produce a completely different one, with inherited qualities from both.

--No mechanical monitoring system in the world can compare with the five human senses--sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing.

That's the machine we destroy when we use drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. And once destroyed, it can not be repaired, or replaced.

Kids understand and respect machinery. When they realize the true value of the machine we call the human body, no drug dealer in the world will be able to talk fast enough, or offer them enough money, to involve them in the drug scene. Kids are too smart for that.


Manhattan Beach

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