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Danger of L.A.'s New Anti-Cruising Measure

November 08, 1986

I, and I trust, many citizens like myself, am somewhat alarmed at the passage of the so-called "anti-cruising measures" by the City of Los Angeles.

I understand that the purpose of such an ordinance is to prevent traffic and crime problems in the Hollywood Boulevard/Sunset Strip areas. Are there any provisions to prevent widespread abuse of this ordinance? I doubt it.

Is a proposal waiting quietly in the wings of our Legislature that would prevent ordinary citizens from leaving their neighborhoods without a pass from the local government?

Throughout history, governments have passed laws and ordinances that prevent people from assembling in certain areas with the admonishment that such measures were intended to uphold law and order. Measures like the aforementioned are supposedly for the good of the public.

In times of civil unrest, governments throughout the world have relied on such laws to prevent a lot more than just cruising. Suddenly, the specter of bad government raises its ugly head.

Why I am not allowed to vote on laws that might adversely affect my constitutional right to be where I want, when I want? Why is there such a lack of information about such a law? Why was it quietly rushed through?

And, if things suddenly turn a little sour here in Paradise, will such a law be used to keep ignorant upstart peasants like myself in their place while governments pass harsher measures in the name of "law and order?"


Los Angeles

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