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Static At Kcrw

November 09, 1986

As avid listeners to and supporters of KCRW, we were incensed, appalled and deeply disappointed to read of General Manager Ruth Hirschman's decision to fire Deirdre O'Donoghue (Pop Eye, by Patrick Goldstein, Nov. 2).

Not only has this city lost its most enthusiastic proponent of new music, but it has lost the most honest and insightful voice covering the L.A. cultural scene.

Maybe in Chile or Poland Hirschman's remarks about O'Donoghue's "inappropriate" political remarks or her (horrors!) negative statements of some musical products would be considered thoughtful reasons for termination.

To us, Hirschman is guilty of cultural fascism. She is incapable of allowing an employee to engage in any intellectual content beyond what she deems correct.

We have decided not to renew our subscription in support of KCRW next year. A station run upon such reprehensible guidelines as those you demand is unworthy of support.



Sherman Oaks

For the latest at KCRW, see Pop Eye, Page 78.

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