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Underground Utilities Ordered Despite Protest of Homeowners

November 09, 1986|ANN JOHNSON | Times Community Correspondent

RANCHO PALOS VERDES — Over the objections of several residents of Sea Cove Drive, the City Council has unanimously agreed to proceed with a plan to put utility lines there underground.

Owners of two-thirds of the 32 residences signed a petition requesting it in 1984.

Last week, however, oral and written objections to the plan and a petition to block it were presented during a public hearing by owners of nearly 36% of the property. Six residents spoke against the project and two supported it.

Opponents voiced concerns about cost and the proximity of the neighborhood to the Portuguese Bend landslide. Some feared the construction of a 5-foot-deep, 2-foot-wide trench might destabilize their property.

Councilman Robert Ryan, who owns property in the neighborhoods and abstained from voting, told the audience that land on Sea Cove Drive is "abundantly stable."

"It's as stable as any land in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. If you want your land to go for 10 cents on the dollar, let's keep saying it's unstable."

Public Works Director George Wentz said residents would pay $3,255 to $9,765 for placing the lines underground, but he added that the process would enhance views and property values.

The project will go to bid immediately, Wentz said, and burial of the lines will begin after a public hearing on how much homeowners will be assessed.

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