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Fly-and-Drive Dealing

November 09, 1986|JACK ADLER

The airlines are still providing free car rentals for a week if you fly round trip to Europe, with the proviso that two people travel together to and in Europe.

SAS, in association with the Kemwel Group of Scandinavia, is giving a gratis one-week use of a rental car (a Fiat) in Scandinavia. You can use the regular or APEX fare. The car must be reserved at least 10 days before departure from the United States and all travel must be completed before March 15, 1987.

Mileage is unlimited but you have to pick up and return the car at the same station to avoid a drop-off charge. This charge is $50 if returned to another station in the same country and $100 if the car is returned in another country.

Cars are available at airports in Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Goteborg, Malmo and Stockholm.

If you want a car for one person, you have to pay a single-supplement charge of $50.

Contact travel agents or SAS at (800) 221-2350.

With Pan American's offer, also available with regular and APEX fares, you can get a free Kemwel car for one week with unlimited mileage. This offer is good only until Dec. 15 and not at all in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Russia and Israel.

You can, however, pick up the car at many key airport locations, including Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc. Reservations must also be made 10 days in advance, with a single-supplement charge of $50. There is a drop-off charge if you return the car to a different place from where you got it.

Contract travel agents or Pan American at (800) 243-3239.

Iberia Airlines, which will begin scheduled service out of Los Angeles in April, is issuing a Discount Shopping and Dining Card that is available to passengers on charters to Spain out of Los Angeles. The card provides discounts of 5% to 15% on purchases at more than 60 Madrid galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and craft shops.

With the card, available through Iberia or tour/charter operators that have offerings with the carrier, you receive a guide listing establishments that honor it.

Iberia and Kemwel also have a program offering a free car in Spain for a week, but it's for two passengers traveling together on scheduled service out of New York and Miami.

Contact Iberia at (800) 221-9741.

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