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Leftists Vow Their Support for Aquino : Promise to Defend Against Any Coup Attempt by Military

November 11, 1986|Associated Press

MANILA — Leftist groups declared their support for President Corazon Aquino today and vowed to defend her government against any coup attempt by disaffected military officers.

Gen. Fidel V. Ramos, the armed forces commander, reaffirmed military loyalty to civilian authority and support of Aquino's "reconciliation policy," which includes peace talks with Communist rebels.

Manila has been full of rumors of coup plots since before Aquino left on a four-day visit to Japan.

The general, a West Point graduate considered to be an ally of Aquino, is widely credited with heading off a move against the government by officers linked to Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile.

Pledges of Support

Pledges of support for Aquino came today from the Partido ng Bayan, largest legal party of the left, and officials of the Communist New People's Army, which has been fighting the government since 1969.

The Partido ng Bayan, which organized street protests against Ferdinand E. Marcos, issued a statement accusing Enrile of plotting to "restore dictatorial rule in the country."

"PnB will work and ally itself with all anti-fascist forces, including liberals in the Aquino government, to rally the people in a massive resistance against resurgent fascism," it said. "At the critical period, the full force of people's power must be brought to bear against coup plotters and fascists."

Guerrilla Spokesman

The pledge to help Aquino's government was echoed by a man who identified himself as a spokesman for the Communist guerrillas.

In statements to the Manila Chronicle and Philippine Daily Express, a man claiming to speak for the rebel command said the 23,000 guerrillas would join "any anti-fascist groups" to prevent a coup.

"Whether they want an alliance or not, we will be there," said the spokesman, whom the Chronicle called by his code name Ka Ben.

Ramos, in a speech to a dentists' group this evening, said the armed forces "have reiterated their full and unequivocal support to the civilian authorities" and are "implementing the Aquino administration's reconciliation policy."

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