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Morning Briefing

Bosworth Deserves Outlandish Trophy

November 12, 1986

They call him Bulletin Board Bosworth, and Brian Bosworth is playing it to the hilt. Here are some of the linebacker's proclamations as Oklahoma gets ready for Saturday's game against Colorado in a battle of Big Eight unbeatens:

--"I think, basically, we'll be cheering for touchdowns at the same ratio they'll be cheering for first downs."

--"I've watched the Nebraska film and I just don't understand some of the defensive schemes Nebraska was running against Colorado. It wasn't real sound. We don't run our defense that way. We know how to defend against the wishbone. The Colorado wishbone looks like it's pretty easy to read."

--"I don't see them scoring at all unless it's on a trick play."

Said Colorado Coach Bill McCartney: "I don't know if they're approaching this as a big game, to be honest with you. I think they have some concern for us but not a lot of respect."

Said Bosworth: "I'd say that was a pretty good statement."

Add Colorado: Said Oklahoma Coach Barry Switzer: "I think Colorado has the best kicking game in the country."

Wonder how they are on kickoff returns?

Now-it-can-be-told dept.: According to the Chicago Tribune, when Bob Costas dropped in on the "Cheers" set to cut a pregame World Series segment with Ted Danson, who plays a former Boston Red Sox pitcher on the show, he found the actor knew nothing about baseball.

Said Costas: "Carla, the waitress on the show, knew more."

Trivia Time: Ralph Guldahl won his second U.S. Open at Cherry Hills in Denver in 1938. Name two other golfers who have since won the U.S. Open at Cherry Hills. (Answer below.)

Would-you-believe-it dept.: Bernie Kosar, playing his second season for the Cleveland Browns, is younger than Vinny Testaverde, the man who succeeded Kosar as the quarterback at the University of Miami. Testaverde will turn 23 Thursday, 12 days before Kosar.

The Denver Post says Chris Washburn already is in trouble with Golden State management after missing a practice.

"He claimed he took a wrong turn to the arena after dropping a friend off at the airport," the Post said. "He said that he knew he was in trouble when he saw a sign that read, 'Sacramento 63 miles.'

"Washburn, by the way, has the rookie-car-of-the-year award wrapped up. He's got a custom-made Mercedes with a custom-made Rolls-Royce interior and a 450-watt stereo system. Price tag: $115,000."

Trivia Answer: Arnold Palmer in 1960 and Andy North in 1978. Note: When Guldahl won in 1938, his purse was $1,500. Palmer won $14,400, and North won $45,000.

Guldahl didn't go hungry, however. He says: "I could get a hotel room for $5 a night, and I bought a Cadillac in Asheville, N.C., in 1941 for $1,595."


Washington State football Coach Jim Walden, on Washington's objection to a revised 4 p.m. kickoff for the Nov. 22 game at Pullman, claiming it's too cold: "This is not the Russian tundra."

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