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Sons Unhappy After 3 Days : Soviet Emigres Who Went Home Opt for U.S. Again

November 13, 1986|Associated Press

MOSCOW — Three days after returning to the Soviet Union saying they were disillusioned with life in America, the members of an emigre family said today that they are leaving again because two teen-age sons are unhappy here.

Faina Gonta, the boys' mother, said she was informed by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that her family, which had lived in the United States for a decade, will be allowed to leave the Soviet Union on Saturday on a British Airways flight to London.

Jaroslav Verner, a U.S. Embassy spokesman, confirmed that the Gontas asked embassy officials to be allowed to return to the United States.

Gonta and her husband, David, emigrated to the United States with her two sons and her mother in 1976. They returned to the Soviet Union on Monday from Jersey City, N.J., saying that in the United States, they were "eternal immigrants" and that their children were treated badly by schoolmates.

The event was publicized by the official press as part of a renewed campaign over emigres who are unhappy in the United States. The Foreign Ministry telephoned Western journalists Monday suggesting that they go to the airport to meet the Gontas.

Faina Gonta said in a telephone interview today that they changed their minds because her sons, 19-year-old Alexander and 14-year-old Igor, were unhappy.

"I have nothing against Soviet officials or the Soviet Union," she said. "Their hospitality was fine. Everything is fine, except the children. They grew up in the U.S.A. and they want to continue their education in America.

"Alexander said he didn't realize how good it was for him in the States," she said.

The newspaper Sovietskaya Rossiya on Tuesday quoted Faina Gonta as saying at the airport: "Here are our American passports. We don't need them any more. The nightmare which lasted 10 long years is at last behind us."

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