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Community Profile

November 20, 1986

City Services City Hall 722-4805

2535 Commerce Way

Police (business) 264-4151

5019 East 3rd St., Los Angeles

Fire (business) 721-4140

5605 E. Sheila St.

Post Office 722-7636

5645 Jillson St.

Rosewood Park 721-5281 5600 Harbor St.

In Emergency, Dial 911 GOVERNMENT City Council: James B. Dimas Sr. (mayor), Michael V. Guerra (mayor pro tem), Ruth R. Aldaco, Robert J. Cornejo, Arturo Marquez

City Manager: Robert L. Williams

Fire Chief: John Englund

Sheriff's Commander: Lynn Poos

Area Lawmakers Congress: Matthew G. Martinez, Democrat, 30th District; 1712 W. Beverly Blvd., No. 201, Montebello 90640; (213) 722-7731

State Assembly: Gloria Molina, Democrat, 56th District; 5261 E. Beverly Blvd.,

Los Angeles 90022; (213) 721-5557

State Senate: Art Torres, Democrat, 24th District; 548 S. Spring St., No. 500,

Los Angeles 90013; (213) 627-5333

County Supervisor: Edmund D. Edelman, 3rd District; Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple St., Room 821, Los Angeles 90012; (213) 974-1033

STATISTICS Population: 12,808

Area: 6.80 square miles

Incorporation: Jan. 28, 1960

Median household income: $19,218

Median home value: $60,044

Median age: 25.7

Race: Latino, 86.3%; white, 67.9%; black, 0.5%; other, 31.5%

(Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap) FOCUS

Business Enshrined

It was a tire plant built in 1929 to resemble an Assyrian palace. Although closed since 1978, the 240,000-square-foot shell remains the most recognizable sign to those traveling the Santa Ana Freeway that they have arrived in Commerce. On weekdays, 80,000 workers stream off the Santa Ana and Long Beach freeways for jobs at Union Pacific Railroad, Western Electric, Lever Brothers and the like. Nearly 50 Fortune 500 firms are among the 1,800 businesses operating in the city. On weekends, however, the city streets are left to the 12,000 predominantly Latino residents who maintain quiet neighborhoods away from the office and factory flow. With an assessed valuation in Commerce of more than $1.45 billion due to the business presence, homeowners pay no city property tax. There is free bus service and access to four parks, four libraries even two indoor swimming pools. There are also plans to turn the old tire factory into a major hotel and trade complex that would continue to be a city symbol.

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics (1985 estimates)

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