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Clap Clap

November 23, 1986

I have finally found something Bernheimer and I totally agree with.

I have avoided Los Angeles-area concerts for years for this very reason. Why put up with it when with a good compact disc and surround-sound stereo system you can create a virtual concert hall with a quiet, well-behaved audience in your own living room?

No rude people fiddling with programs or candy wrappers. No ravenous clapping and bravos in the middle of arias and at the end of movements for perfunctory performances.

I don't think the perpetrators of this nonsense are just ill-informed: They are also a combination of totally bored with the whole situation and eager to (at least in their own minds) impress with clapping and bravos at the slightest pretext.

Come on, people! If you really love the stuff, give your rapt attention with open minds and hearts, and clap and bravo like crazy at the end of the performance.

Otherwise, stay home!


South Pasadena

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