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Many Mansions

November 23, 1986

Dan Sullivan missed the point when he reviewed our production of "All My Sons," and he misses it again in "The Poetry of Set Designing" (Nov. 16).

Joe Keller is hardly our "ordinary American." Most ordinary Americans do not own factories, nor do they authorize the shipping of faulty airplane parts that result in the death of 21 pilots.

Secondly, the house on the stage at the LATC was not "a handsome Greek Revival house," but an Ohio Tudor modeled on houses that we grew up with in Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland.

Finally, we were not "meant to see the connection between Miller, O'Neill and the Greeks." Miller himself has stated on numerous occasions the influence of the Greeks on his early work. All we did was attempt to carry out the stated wishes of the author. Eugene O'Neill never entered our minds.


Artistic Producing Director

Los Angeles Theatre Center

Director, "All My Sons"


Set Designer, "All My Sons"

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