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Renewal Panel Critic Could Regain Seat

November 23, 1986|KENNETH J. FANUCCHI | Times Staff Writer

Brian Moore, a leading critic of the Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area Committee, may be about to regain the committee seat that was taken away from him in September.

Moore lost his position when the board of directors of the Hollywood Coordinating Council voted to oust him as its representative on the committee, which is the chief advisory group on implementation of the $923-million redevelopment plan.

Arland (Buzz) Johnson, a vice president of the coordinating council, said last week that the vote to remove Moore was incorrectly conducted. "Only the executive board and elected chairpersons were eligible to vote, about nine people," Johnson said. Instead, he said, about 20 people who were at the council meeting cast votes.

"That's the way we have always done it before," Johnson said. "But a study of the council rules showed that to be improper procedure."

Meeting Monday

Johnson said the council's executive board will take up the issue at its meeting Monday, adding that the board probably will endorse Moore's return to the committee.

"The major storm about his role on the committee has passed," Johnson said. "The general sentiment now is for a more cooperative spirit on the committee."

Norris D. Lineweaver, who is chairman of the redevelopment committee and who led the drive to oust Moore, said he will not fight Moore's reseating. Lineweaver had accused Moore of being a disruptive influence on the committee.

"I do not apologize for trying to remove him from the committee," Lineweaver said. "But I have got to work at remaining neutral as chairman of the committee and give everyone an equal chance to articulate their views on redevelopment."

Met With Lineweaver

Moore, who is chairman of the Hollywood Coordinating Council, said his reseating would not necessarily be automatic. "We really will not know for certain until after the executive board meeting Monday," he said.

Moore said he and Lineweaver had met recently to work out their differences. "I believe we at least cleared the air," Moore said. "I think both of us resolved to try to work together more harmoniously."

Moore has attacked the redevelopment committee as being dominated by representatives of big business. Tenants, who make up the vast majority of the 32,000 people living in the Hollywood redevelopment area, have only four of the 25 seats on the committee, Moore said.

The committee is the official advisory agency to the Community Redevelopment Agency, which is the administrative arm of the Hollywood redevelopment project, bounded by Santa Monica Boulevard, Serrano, La Brea and Franklin avenues.

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