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'Nicaraguan Obsession'

November 26, 1986

As firsthand testimony becomes increasingly available in this country, it is clear that the contras are committing acts of extreme terror against the citizens of Nicaragua. The contras regularly engage in violence against noncombatants, including planting land mines in roads used by public buses; they have destroyed many civilian health-care facilities.

It is also clear that, although the Sandinistas may be guilty of some human-rights abuses, the vastly greater terror is perpetrated by the contras.

The U.S. government is supporting a terrorist organization with 100 million taxpayer dollars. U.S. citizens who support the contras are supporting terrorism.

The primary issue is not communism versus America. The primary issue is freedom from terror for the poor citizens of Central America. The freedom fighters are those who speak out against this terrorism.

We must insist to our elected representatives that we stop supporting terror. It will never be a solution to conflicts, at least, not an American solution.



Long Beach

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