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New Visibility for Pasadena Art Center

November 27, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Tall and chignoned Alyce Williamson stood before a chic mix of women the other day and mused, "Art Center is a well-kept secret, and I really do not understand how a school nestled in the hills, that is world famous . . . " well, she suggested, why it doesn't have a higher profile in Los Angeles.

"So," she added, "we have decided to come down off this hill." With that, she announced what the crowd was expecting: the formation of the new Art Center One Hundred for the Pasadena school. "We need to raise money for scholarships . . . those of you who chose to join will be given a tape to familiarize yourself with the Art Center." Then she introduced the center's 6-foot-8 president, David Brown, who had already been greeting guests with his wife Judy. Brown added, "What we are trying to do is make ourselves more a part of Los Angeles."

Who could say no with what followed: a video presentation of "Inside Art Center," focusing on students and illuminating the Art Center's fields of interest: art, advertising, film, industrial design, computer graphics, packaging, photography and later the intriguing tours. In between, Brown invited the ladies to stand for a picture. Even if they don't join (a minimum $1,000 annual dues), they're recorded for posterity. And, they certainly lunched at the Art Center in style--Rococo was at its most artful.

Not only did lots of Alyce's "family" accept--Victoria Williamson, Mrs. Harrison Chandler, Mrs. William Goodan, and Mrs. Thomas H. Werdel, who drove up from Bakersfield--but lots of close pals--Jean Higgins, Madge Burfurd, Kelsey Hall, Biddy Liebig, Bobbie Galpin, Ginie Braun, Judy Webb, Katharine Schwarzenbach (who's moving back to New York), Jane Simpson, Danzey Treanor, Connie Von Vorst, B. J. Wilcox. More in the crowd were Ann Longyear, Lois Madison (whose husband just celebrated a 40th birthday and is an Art Center trustee), Betty Keatinge, Nancy Payne, Barbara Jameson, Katy Gates, Polly Foley, Mary Buckingham, Patty Burschinger, Ann Barrett and Cathie Partridge.

Westsiders included Mary Jones, Bobbie De Haven, Lois Erburu, Eleanore Phillips Colt.

Judy Webb was the first to say she would join. She lives in Belvedere and has agreed to be the Northern California representative.

Adrea and Victor Carter hosted a cocktail buffet reception at Hillcrest Country Club to welcome Consul General of the State of Israel and Mrs. Eytan Bentsur.

ACCEPTANCES: Gov. George Deukmejian and his wife Gloria are among early acceptances for US Sprint WinterFest to be launched Dec. 9 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center with a benefit concert and black-tie gala. The goal of the Music Center this year is to transform the Plaza throughout the holiday season into a California-style Winter Wonderland with more than 17,000 tiny white lights strung in 200 20-foot cottonwood trees and a 60-foot California fir. The fantasy is being created by six-time Oscar-winning set designer Walter Scott and is sponsored by the Pacific Division of US Sprint.

What's nice is that the Angels are flying about. Angels, of course, and holidays go hand-in-hand. And about 40 angels have befriended the Music Center as special supporters. Henry and Ginny Mancini will host a cocktail reception for them Dec. 7 in their home as a thank you. Among the heavenly types are the Robert H. Adamses, the Armand S. Deutsches, the Robert F. Erburus, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg, the Earle M. Jorgensens, John and Joan Hotchkis, Carrie and Stuart Ketchum, Patricia Kennedy, Marilyn and Harry Lewis, the Robert F. Maguires III, Virginia S. Milner, Jaclyn and Sidney Rosenberg, Flora Thornton, the Hon. and Mrs. William A. Wilson and Hope and Lee Warner.

WinterFest festivities will continue through Dec. 23 with musicians and performers entertaining theater patrons on the plaza weekday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and from 7 to 8 p.m., and on weekends from 7 to 8 p.m. Cappuccino, holiday cheers and delectables will be sold to warm the heart.

The WinterFest kick-off concert Dec. 9 headlines Dave Grusin, Mancini, Lionel Newman, Randy Newman and John Williams as well as the International Children's Choir. Lili Fini Zanuck and Pierre Cossette are co-producing the concert. Tickets are priced from $8 to $15, and the gala/concert at $250.

SPECIAL: UCLA Chancellor and Mrs. Charles E. Young host a reception Dec. 9 to honor 11 of the world's premier scholars of art and the social sciences who have been named Getty Scholars. The reception at their residence will welcome the researchers to UCLA.

AHOY: Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman Jr. will have the honor spot Dec. 12 at the 24th annual Wright Brothers Banquet at the Beverly Hilton. Secretary Lehman will accept the 1986 Kitty Hawk "Sands of Time" military award on behalf of naval aviation. Ray Remy, president of the sponsoring Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, reminds us the occasion salutes the 75th anniversary of naval aviation.

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