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Consensus Approach to Redevelopment Sought : Hollywood Council to Draft Rules for President

November 27, 1986|KENNETH J. FANUCCHI | Times Staff Writer

A controversial member of the Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area Committee who was ousted in September and reinstated last week will be subject to new rules when he resumes his seat.

Brian Moore, president of the Hollywood Coordinating Committee, this week appointed a three-member committee to establish guidelines for himself, as well as for others who will succeed him as the council's representative on the project area committee. The council president automatically sits on the committee.

Rabbi Gilbert Kollin, chairman of the new guidelines panel, said it will try to give Moore a sense of the coordinating council's overall approach to redevelopment.

"We do not want to put him into a straitjacket as far as his committee participation goes," Kollin said. "But at the same time, we would like him to represent the consensus of the council."

Moore's criticism of redevelopment led the council's board of directors to remove him from the committee in September.

He was reinstated when it was discovered that only the council's executive board had the authority to remove him from the committee. The project area committee is the chief advisory agency on the $923-million Hollywood redevelopment project.

Kollin said he and the other two members of the committee, businessmen Arland (Buzz) Johnson and William Hertz, will meet next week. Their recommendations will be submitted to the executive board.

Moore has been a leading critic of the project area committee, contending that it is dominated by big business representatives to the detriment of Hollywood-area tenants.

He has attacked the credentials of some of its members and called for the seating of additional tenants.

His attacks angered many members of the coordinating council who are staunch supporters of redevelopment, including Norris D. Lineweaver, chairman of the project area committee and a member of the board of directors of the Hollywood Coordinating Council.

Prompted by Kollin, Moore and Lineweaver recently met to iron out their differences. Both men said they will try to work together in the future.

Kollin said he took on the role of mediator because Moore and Lineweaver had been able to work together on other projects before they parted ways over redevelopment.

"Not having guidelines for our representative on the redevelopment board may be the basic problem," Kollin said. "Some people on the council have complained about Brian's actions on redevelopment, saying he does not reflect positions of the council. We cannot blame Brian if we have not told him what to do."

The Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area Committee is the official community advisory group to the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, which is the administrative arm of redevelopment in the city. The Hollywood project is bounded by Santa Monica Boulevard, Serrano, LaBrea and Franklin avenues.

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