Bowne to Run for Reelection to Burbank Council Seat

November 28, 1986|GREG BRAXTON | Times Staff Writer

Burbank City Councilman Robert R. Bowne has announced that he will seek reelection in February, meaning that both council incumbents whose terms are expiring will be on the ballot.

Councilwoman Mary Lou Howard announced her candidacy several months ago.

Bowne had delayed announcing whether he planned to run, saying he was debating how to balance his family and political lives. "I wanted to take my time and make the right decision," Bowne said Tuesday, when he made his announcement.

Bowne, 42, was appointed to the council two years ago to replace Larry Tate, who resigned.

Bowne was once perceived as the outsider on the five-member council. Although he was next in line to be appointed vice mayor last year when three candidates backed by Howard were elected to the council, he was passed over in favor of Mary E. Kelsey, the top vote-getter in that election.

'Deal Had Been Cut'

Bowne charged then that a "deal had been cut" among the new council members, and that the decision to move Kelsey ahead of him violated the "public's sense of fairness." He cast the only negative vote this year when Kelsey was appointed mayor by the council.

He said Tuesday that his standing on the panel has changed in recent months. "I think now that everyone has an independent voice, and is more confident in charting their own course instead of following someone else," he said.

Candidates do not run for specific seats, and victory simply goes to the top two vote-getters. There will be a runoff in the April general election, however, if two candidates do not get 50% of the vote each in the Feb. 24 primary.

Also being contested are three school board seats.

Of the incumbents, William Abbey has announced his candidacy for reelection, board President Claud Field said he would not run again, and Shirley Nelson has not announced her plans.

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