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God-Given Rights of California Motorists?

November 29, 1986

Here is a profile of California drivers.

It is your God given right to:

1--Run through stop signs, red traffic signals and ignore posted speed limits.

2--Always speed and make unsafe lane changes. Get there first!

3--Drive through pedestrian crosswalks. People are not important.

4--Park in between two slots because you have an expensive car.

5--Not renew car registration and not carry auto insurance.

6--Hit and run. Never stop!

7--Travel at 65 m.p.h. on the freeway eating a full course meal, shaving, reading, applying makeup, styling your hair, changing clothes and wearing earphones.

8--Drive your motorcycle between traffic lanes, cutting in front of vehicles and pedestrians at high speed, wearing no protective clothing.

9--Not maintain your vehicle in good repair because it costs money.

10--Stop in the middle of the street or drive on the wrong side of the street blocking traffic to talk to another clone.

11--Park in the "Handicapped Only" zone when you are not handicapped.

12--Drive selfishly and irresponsibly but always post a sign advising others of the "Baby on Board."



West Covina

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