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Management Hit

December 07, 1986

Terry Reiter was right, in his Nov. 2 letter, about management of Lucky Stores being at fault, not Asher B. Edelman.

Management of a large corporation such as Lucky must work for the best interests of the company, which includes shareholders, customers and employees.

Gemco/Lucky's management didn't do its job, even at the end.

It sold Gemco too cheap, released 14,000 employees without trying to transfer them to jobs in other parts of the company and had them sign settlement releases to get release pay, not severance pay.

Also, it was announced that all employees would get help finding employment, writing resumes and a job-type fair would be held.

To this date nothing has been done. My wife worked for Lucky/Gemco for 17 1/2 years and did a good job but all she got was the door, just like all the others working for Gemco. Like my wife, many employees had worked both for Lucky and Gemco over many years.

If they just happened to be working for Gemco rather than Lucky at the time of the sale, they were terminated.

There were secretaries with many years of experience who had worked for both parts of the company and secretaries with very little experience or time with the company who were kept.

It appears again management has left itself open for possible lawsuits and again has exercised bad management.


La Habra Heights

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