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Student Quality Guarantee

December 07, 1986

Re Huntington Beach Union High School District's graduate guarantee program (Dec. 2):

I was pleased with your article about the superintendent's letter to businesses guaranteeing graduates of the school district. It was positive and provided a much needed publicity boost to the education industry.

However, the article stopped far short of identifying the factors that changed the district's environment to one in which programs of this nature are now possible.

In November, 1985, district voters elected a new board majority, all of whom ran on a platform dedicated to increasing educational options for the students who are not in the distinguished scholar or special education programs.

The school board directed staff to explore special education programs in the vocational and technical areas that could provide more educational options for the majority of our students.

The board also directed staff to hire 29 new teachers with majors in English, social studies, math and science through the funding made available by California lottery dollars. That action was specifically directed at lowering class sizes. Next, the Board authorized $100,000, also drawn from lottery money, to develop and implement a special intervention program designed to prevent students from dropping out of school.

This board has emphasized the importance of graduates who are prepared for the world of work with the necessary and essential skills to match the challenges they will face.


Huntington Beach

Castrey is a member of the Huntington Beach Union High School District board.

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