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Reagan and the Unfolding Iran-Contra Story

December 07, 1986

Move over, George Orwell.

Welcome, William J. Casey.

The language of Orwell's Oceana in his "1984" was Newspeak.

Now we have the head of the CIA's "Misspeak."

The following quotations are from The Times (Dec. 2), "CIA Chief OK'd Agency's Role in Arms-to-Iran Deal."

When Casey first briefed Congress' intelligence committees on Nov. 21 on the arms shipment to Iran, his briefing "gave the impression that Casey did not even know of the shipment at the time."

But when the former CIA official on whom Casey had laid the onus of acting without authorization "was furious," Casey "later told the Senate committee that he had 'misspoken.' "

A source at the Senate Intelligence Committee said, "Sometimes people misspeak."

And sometimes people don't tell the truth the first time around.


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