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South Gate : Sign Ordinance Approved

December 11, 1986

The City Council has approved a new sign ordinance to regulate new, existing and temporary signs.

The ordinance establishes a seven-member Design Review Committee of three city staff members and one each from business organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce.

Approval of new and temporary signs will be made by city staff or submitted to the review committee.

Existing signs will be reviewed to determined if they conform to the new regulation, which includes standards governing size, location, appearance and height, said Andrew Pasmant, director of community development.

The review process is expected to take up to two years, during which time no signs will be abated, Pasmant said.

"Businesses will be given a two-year grace period to conform," Pasmant said.

There are 1,700 businesses and industrial establishments in the city.

Any decision by the review committee can be appealed to the Planning Commission and the City Council.

"The ordinance was implemented to get rid of clutter, bring uniformity and improve aesthetics," Pasmant said.

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