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Oxymorons and Thirds

December 13, 1986

Recent events have overcome my natural laziness as a private citizen, and has forced me to devote a greater portion of my time to closer scrutiny of the events and personalities making the news.

It didn't take too much effort to find to discover that things that are presented to us as one thing, are oftentimes, the exact opposite. For example:

The Department of Defense gives us guns which won't fire (Sgt. York) and tanks which won't work (Abram Mach 2 planes which can't make a 550-mile flight when fully loaded.

The Treasury Department has no treasury, only a whopping monster of a deficit.

A Central Intelligence Agency which mines harbors of countries with which we have relations, and publishes "How To" manuals for assassins.

The dictionary defines this sort of thing as an "oxymoron."

This would not be half bad if we did not have so many "thirds" in government; e.g., Ed Meese III, James Baker III, etc. Going through the Government Register I found over two dozen "thirds" within the first few pages.

So--that seems to be the situation; we are being governed by oxymorons and thirds.

Are we in trouble?


Desert Hot Springs

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