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Penn & Sullivan

December 14, 1986

Concerning the Sean Pennmanships ("Acting From the Horse's Mouth," by Dan Sullivan, Nov. 30): I wish to nip this thing right in its little ol' thespian bud.

Dan Sullivan and Sean Penn, some intervention is called for. You're both old enough, and should know better and care less.

Now, Dan. "Those who can, do; those who can't, review" is simply a defense mechanism used by any artist whose sincerity, effort and spouse have been judged.

Now, Sean Stanislavski noted the importance of the reviewer as a recipient and equal half in the communication of art; and he's kinda the Big Guy with all this stuff, right?

Now, Dan, you have a valid say in all of this; and I respect it, but have you seen 'Falcon and the Snowman' and 'At Close Range'? How could anyone get petty after those?

Now, Sean, are you a nice guy? Be a nice guy, 'cause you've got everything else squared away, OK?

So, there you have it, men, and now that it's sort of patched up, I supposed I could get free for lunch.


Beverly Hills

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