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The New Rocky Non-Scents

December 14, 1986

You may be tired of "Rocky" sequels, but here's a rocky story that you won't want to miss: It's about a rock that prevents body odors. Yes, that's right, the latest, hottest, trendiest deodorant around is an opalescent stone made from mineral salts.

At a steep $15 a stone, you'd think "Le Crystal Naturel" (from France) would appeal more to the wealthy than the trendy. After all, when's the last time you paid $15 for a deodorant? But, sales are rock solid.

"I can't keep them in stock, everybody wants them," says Christina DeCarmen, cosmetics manager at I. Magnin in Sherman Oaks. "At first, I wasn't sure how it would do, it was strange, and the price was high, but the longevity of the product and the fact that it's chemical-free appeals to people. I think most people in the Valley are very health conscious."

Completely natural, the crystal in question--which is free from perfumes as well as chemicals--should be run under water before application. The natural mineral salts prevent odorous bacteria from forming.

"People in the Valley are always looking for a new deodorant," claims DeCarmen. "It's so hot over here."

And, you need not worry about too much salt intake; those doctors who said to keep the salt out of your diet never said anything about keeping it out of your armpit.

The selection of the proper stone has become a trendy art in itself. "I see customers spend hours deciding on which shape stone they prefer," says DeCarmen. "They'll spend a very long time examining each rock and its shape and size. They have to find out which one best fits their physique. It's as if they want to find their own personal, custom-made rock deodorant made for the contours of their body."

Even if you do not perspire, you might want to buy this rock deodorant. After all, it's a scintillating conversation piece. "I think it's the neatest thing since the pet rock of the '70s," one I. Magnin customer chirped.

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