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Inaccuracies Cited in Story

December 14, 1986

On behalf of the Culver City Unified School District and the UCLA School of Medicine, I would like to express our appreciation for your paper's coverage of the Culver City School Adolescent Health Center Project. We believe that such clinics will improve the emotional and physical health of teens and will encourage responsible adult behavior through its education and health service programs.

As coordinators of the project, we are very sensitive to the opinions of Culver City teens, parents and teachers. Fundamental to the development of a trusting relationship between community members and the planning group is the free flow of accurate information.

In this regard, I feel obliged to bring to your attention several inaccuracies in Jeff Burbank's article, "Few Objections Raised to Culver Schools Clinic," (Times, Nov. 23).

The article raises the issue of malpractice insurance. No policies regarding malpractice have been determined at this time. The UCLA planning group is working on an operating agreement between UCLA and the Culver City district which will address the issues of liability and malpractice coverage.

The article further states that Culver City officials have said they would offer city funds for support of the teen health center. No such decision has been made at this time, although we will be exploring this possibility with City Council members in the near future.

Finally, the article suggests that the services of the clinic would include the setting of broken bones. Teens with major illnesses, including broken bones, would be immediately stabilized at the health center while emergency services from nearby medical centers are contacted. Setting of bones would be reserved for physicians at the referral medical centers.

We feel that the clarification of these points is important, not only to ensure accurate reporting, but to continue a sense of honesty and fairness between all interested parties.


Assistant Professor, UCLA,

Department of Pediatrics

Director, Adolescent

Medicine Program

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