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Detroit Street

December 14, 1986

I have just finished reading the article about the Detroit Street apartments (Dec. 7) and I am absolutely appalled! The next thing we know they'll tear down Bullock's Wilshire to put in a K mart!

I am in support of these people who are in danger of losing their lovely homes to this developer. "A box with trim" indeed!

With what does this "Mr. Taste & Graciousness" propose to replace these apartments? The term "luxury apartments" is overused and meaningless these days. What it means to me is a box with aluminum window frames and a smelly, noisy, underground garage with one of those ridiculous gates that is always broken.

Why should these people have to prove that Greta Garbo slept there to protect their homes?

Have we lost all sense of the aesthetic? Isn't it important to have pleasant surroundings? Of course it is!

In my opinion, this developer ought to be exiled to Orange County or some other place where they seem to like ugly housing!


South Pasadena

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