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Traveling Execs Stay Fit With Simple Exercises

December 16, 1986|From Associated Press

With a little bit of luck and some advance planning, executives on the road need not give up their exercise programs--even if they are normally used to a gym or health club, according to a fitness consultant.

"Set your sights on just maintaining your condition," advises Lauve Metcalfe, director of program development for Campbell's Institute for Health and Fitness. "The important thing in any fitness program is continuity. If you exercise at least every other day, you will maintain your fitness level."

Although most hotels do not have health club facilities or swimming pools, that shouldn't pose a problem, according to Metcalfe.

"You can jump rope in any hotel room," she says. "You can also do bent leg sit-ups and push-ups."

Travelers can bring along a travel fitness kit containing such aids as band wrist and ankle weights, a hand gripper and an exercise floor mat, Metcalfe adds.

To maintain fitness while traveling, she says, an executive could follow a routine that includes:

Warm-up--brisk walking and mild calisthenics to increase the heart rate.

Stretching--toe touching and trunk twists to reduce chances of injury and muscle pulls.

Aerobics--stair stepping and jumping rope to improve the cardiovascular system and burn calories.

Strength work--sit-ups and push-ups to provide muscle shape and tone.

Cool down--mild stretches to insure gradual reduction of heart rate and blood pressure.

"But work within your exercise heart range that can be provided to you by a fitness specialist," Metcalfe cautions. "If you are new to exercise, start slowly and progress gradually.

"Even in the hotel room you need warm-up, stretching and cool down. The benefits of exercise can only be seen if done on a regular basis, and that means when traveling your fitness program is an appointment you can't afford to miss."

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