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Alhambra : 3 High School Sites Picked

December 18, 1986

The Alhambra City and High School Districts board has narrowed its list of potential high school sites to three, all of them in Rosemead.

The board picked the three, designated A, B and I, from a list of 10 and each will be evaluated in an environmental impact report.

The selection of a school site has aroused strong controversy. Many residents whose homes have been included in potential sites have protested. In addition, the Rosemead City Council has opposed any site in that city, arguing that most of the schools' enrollment growth has occurred in Monterey Park.

The Monterey Park City Council has opposed any site in that city that would take homes. Monterey Park residents who favor placement of a high school in or near that city suggested two sites, one a hillside location in Monterey Park and the other on industrial land in Alhambra, but neither site was acceptable to the school board.

Site A is a 46.8-acre parcel bounded by Emerson Avenue, Garvey Boulevard, Del Mar Avenue and the Alhambra Wash. It would cost $34 million to buy the land and 293 homes would be removed.

Site B, a 44.5-acre parcel bounded by the Rio Hondo River, Fern Avenue and Muscatel Avenue, would cost $23 million and displace 116 homes.

Site I is a 35.9-acre area bounded by San Gabriel Boulevard, Garvey Avenue, Kelburn Avenue and Garvalia Avenue. That site would cost $31 million and require the removal of 187 homes.

Of the 10 sites considered, six are in Rosemead, three in Monterey Park and one in Alhambra.

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