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Santa's Dream House

December 18, 1986

I am writing this letter to you, with the hope that someone will realize what exactly the issue is about the "Santa Claus" house on Alameda Avenue in Glendale.

Dozens of people line the street. Children, adults alike, are milling around. Walking across residential lawns, as there are no sidewalks. Cars are parked every which way, in front of houses, as well as residential driveways.

This is the street where Santa lives. Not only does Santa Claus live here, but normal, everyday people. Most of these people have lived here for many, many years. These people, known as the539107911a.k.a. Presidential Santa Claus, and his attorney Gloria Allred have accused.

There are no "Grinches" on this block. Santa and the spirit of Christmas are not under attack. What is under attack is the congestion that "Santa's Dream House" causes. People of all ages and sizes flock to tour this dream house. Cars stop in the middle of the street with total disregard for other vehicles on the road. There has been one accident in front of this dream house, so far.

Does the spirit of Christmas allow for this happen just because George and Allred say it is so? Robert George and Gloria Allred may not feel there is a problem. Local residents worry. What if some unfortunate child happens to stray from a parent? Cars without regard for anything but "Santa's Dream House" stop and go at will. Must tragedy strike, thus striking the true spirit of Christmas from neighbors, before something is to be done about this?

It is reported that God has spoken to George in a dream. His message indicated George should seek the help of Allred, as he has done. Via Allred, the media should be made aware that the spirit of Christmas was under attack by George's "detractors." Maybe God will seek out George, once again, possibly in another dream, and allow George to see that his true Christmas spirit is not under attack. For those who believe in God will never lose touch with the true spirit of Christmas.

Perhaps there is a Grinch who resides in the 1300 block of East Alameda. Perhaps this Grinch has skirted the main issue and made it into an attack on Christmas. Perhaps the Grinch is disguised in a little red suit with a matching silk cap.



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