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Cerritos : Election Date Change OKd

December 18, 1986

Rather than hold its next election in 1987, the ABC Unified School District Board of Education has voted to consolidate with the 1988 statewide general election.

By this action, four board members--Richard Arthur, Elizabeth Hutcheson, Homer Lewis and Dianne Xitco, who are up for reelection, could have their time in office extended by 12 months. The 1987 election is scheduled for Nov. 3.

A new law makes consolidation of school district elections with municipal, primary or general elections possible.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has the final authority to deny or accept the consolidation.

The board resolution was forwarded to the supervisors and the school district is still awaiting the decision, said Kenneth L. Moffett, district superintendent.

The seven-member ABC school board voted 6-1 for approval.

Under consolidation, greater voter participation is expected in school elections statewide.

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