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Lakewood : Trash-to-Energy Deal

December 18, 1986

Lakewood officials, concerned over rising trash disposal rates and decreasing space at the Puente Hills Landfill, have found a temporary solution.

Last week the City Council approved an agreement with Long Beach that enables Lakewood to dispose of its trash for the next 20 years at the Southeast Resource Recovery Facility, a waste-to-energy plant under construction in Long Beach that will be the largest facility of its kind in the state, said Bill Davis, solid waste program manager for Long Beach.

Lakewood and Long Beach officials have been negotiating Lakewood's participation in the project for the past year.

Under the agreement, Lakewood will deliver 41,900 tons of trash per year at $16 per ton to the plant.

The city pays $7 per ton for trash service to Puente Hills, which costs residents $6.22 a month, said Michael Stover, Lakewood assistant city administrator.

Stover said it is too early to predict how much monthly rates for residents would go up once the city begins using SERFF.

Construction of the plant, which will be operated by Long Beach and the county, began in February and will be completed in May, 1989.

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