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Lifeguards to the Rescue at Cerebral Palsy Benefit

December 18, 1986|JODY BECKER

There were no black ties and carafes of Chardonnay at Sunday night's United Cerebral Palsy "Dream Date" benefit. It was a night of Doritos and Diet Cokes, and the prizes were dates with some of Orange County's most delectable lifeguards.

Six good-natured City of Newport Beach lifeguards, who also grace the pages of Lifeguards '87!--a slick calendar marketed by lifeguard J.R. Salvatore and his partner and fellow lifeguard Jon Elliott--were looking as luscious as one might hope in tuxes.

UCP's Orange County poster child Kristin Scott also was on hand for the event at the Hotel Meridien in Newport Beach.

KROQ's Poorman announced each of the pairings. Winners were the young women who had sold the most tickets to the event. Dream dates came true for Jody Elliott of Costa Mesa High School, Kim Cobb, Sydney Stroschein and Amy Eason of Newport Harbor High, Jennifer Knaus of El Modena High and Coco Guyer of Corona del Mar High School.

Both in Braces

Coco Guyer walked away with the promise of an evening with Alex Crenshaw, winner of the "hottest body in America" contest, which aired last fall on MTV during the Ocean Pacific surfing competition in Huntington Beach.

The Poorman warned Coco and Alex to keep the kissing cordial to avoid disaster as the couple were an orthodontist's dream--both in braces.

"Celebutante" rags were all the rage. Slinky silks and boots were the best of the looks worn by California girls.

The festivities drew a disappointingly low turnout, perhaps because of final exams and holiday commitments, said senior organizers Yvonne Alaniz and Candy Stroschein.

However, more than $10,000 was raised for United Cerebral Palsy at the party. The money will be counted as part of United Cerebral Palsy's "Weekend with the Stars Telethon" to be aired the weekend of Jan. 17.

Funds returned to Orange County's UCP will be used in the child and adult occupational and physical therapy programs.

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