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SHORT 'n' SNAPPY : Brooks Leads UCI With a Shot Set in Another Era

December 18, 1986|MIKE PENNER | Times Staff Writer

--Frank Woods saved his life. Woods, of course, is the junior forward who tipped in the winning basket for Irvine against Oral Roberts. Woods tipped in a shot originally missed by Brooks. "Frank Woods saved my life," Brooks said, "because I hate to lose. That would have been the worst."

--He wants to get into coaching, if a playing stint overseas or in the planned 6-4-and-under professional league doesn't materialize. "He'd be ideal in the 6-4-and-under league," Mulligan said. Brooks isn't so sure. "Is that hearsay or what?" Brooks said. "Is it really going to come off? I never really thought about it."

Right now, Brooks is concerned with leading the 3-2 Anteaters--or, the "Runnin' Anteaters," as he calls them--to 4-2. Irvine plays at Montana tonight.

Then, there's the Crawford Hall finale against Pepperdine Saturday. And then, right around New Year's Day, there are meetings with No. 3 Iowa and No. 1 Nevada-Las Vegas--separated by just three days.

"I think about those games," Brooks said. "There's a chance we could be playing the No. 2 and No. 1 teams in the nation. With two upsets, what would that make us?

"We've been opening some eyes as the season progresses. I'm not making any predictions, but we're capable of giving a lot of teams predicted at the top of our league a run for their money this season."

And a shrimp shall lead them.

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