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Reflections of Christmases Past, Present

December 20, 1986

Another Christmas is fast approaching, and in the midst of busy times, I am reflecting on gifts that will not be found under a Christmas tree. These wonderful gifts:

To have a little granddaughter who with a hand in mine says, "Let me read you a story now."

To have friends whose laughter I can share.

To meet someone when I am walking my dog who says, "Oh, what a pretty dog," when she really isn't.

To have doctors and nurses to repair our ills, and veterinarians to help our animals.

To smell the sweet fragrance of roses from a friend's garden.

To encounter courteous bank tellers, grocery clerks, and gas station attendants.

To have libraries where imaginations can soar.

To have columns by Jack Smith, Erma Bombeck, and Charles Shultz, and his "Peanuts Gang" who bring a smile or a chuckle into our lives.

To sail with the wind just right, and to watch the gray whales on their annual migration, or the perfect flight formation of a flock of brown pelicans, or to hear the barking of the sea lions as they try to bounce one another off the buoys.

You see, the gift list is endless! Merry Christmas!


Laguna Niguel

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