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Last of Dinosaurs

December 21, 1986

Harry Bernstein's Dec. 3 column, "Perot Ouster Good News for GM Workers," should have been titled Apologia Dinosaurus. GM and the UAW are the last of the industrial dinosaurs.

Fat, lazy and overpaid, they are battling over the very last of the dumb Americans that constitute their decreasing food supply.

The UAW needs members dumb enough to join an organization dedicated to group-think, dues gathering and to opposing self-improvement.

GM needs customers dumb enough to buy the ugly and outdated cars they so poorly design and who are supplicant enough not to sue them for their poor product.

Mr. (H. Ross) Perot correctly pointed out what is wrong with most monster corporations.

His workers all had the right to form unions and decided not to.

His companies are profitable, his employees haven't been laid off and his products are excellent.

In the eyes of Bernstein, this makes Perot the bad guy, and his workers, who chose not to be unionized, "victims" who should be forced to join a union.



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