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Going To The Moca

December 21, 1986

Why does it take so long to gain entrance to the new Museum of Contemporary Art? You'd think they were giving the visitors physicals or something.

It was so irritating to have to wait 45 minutes in line just to pay an admission fee. What is the big deal? Why the slowness?

The situation last Sunday was ridiculous. The clerk, just one, for all the public "non-members," was as slow as honey in January, to a large number of people's inconvenience.

Meanwhile, while this is going on, the police, our friends, were placing expensive parking tickets on all cars south of Third Street on Grand Avenue, east side of street.

Another nicety of living in L.A., I guess. It was Sunday. There can be no reason for ticketing those cars. It was stupid and mean .

The insanity I witnessed last Sunday is far more a sign of the times than any art work could have expressed.


Los Angeles

A spokeswoman at MOCA estimated the wait to be closer to 15 minutes last Sunday, when about 2,000 people attended the museum. She said any problems were similar to those often experienced by a new institution whose systems were still being smoothed out.

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