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Stuck On North

December 21, 1986

Boy, we can count on Calendar to broaden our horizons!

Open up to half a page of Morrison's pre-pubescent, anachronistic drivel. Discover! Deep down, women really are , by her point of view, helpless creatures imprisoned within their inevitable emotionalisms.

If we have nothing else to thank President Reagan for, we can thank him for catapulting women back to suffragette status, the likes of Morrison cheering him on whilst fighting off fainting spells.

A man's name, stray lock of hair or ears drive me, too, to distraction. Daily, I struggle to retain my professionalism, to do a good job and think amid these factors which truly count. In today's world, a woman need find boundless self-control, lest she find an hour or two slipped by--her margins covered with hearts and doodles.

Important as it may be to remain abreast of what type man America's women are smitten by, I, for one, retain different priorities.

Patt, can we talk in '88?


Los Angeles

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