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Babies and Briefcases

December 21, 1986

Equating child-rearing with careers is underestimating the special love, sharing, creativity and mutual giving involved in motherhood. You get as much as you give.

It is a maturing process--a precious gift and privilege to nurture a child. Women's lib has cheated a whole generation out of this mutual joy.

To quote from your article: "Older women want to leave some mark of ourselves--we don't feel children are enough." What better "mark" to leave than loved, decent human beings?

Generations of women have found full-time motherhood an enriching experience--not-to-be-missed; exciting, creative and fulfilling.

There is no career on earth to equal the joy of nurturing a child, and if women have doubts, they shouldn't have babies. A baby is not a piece of furniture. A child is not the latest "in" fad or possession to be programmed, scheduled and systematized. These are human souls--human beings--the future of this world.

The bottom line is the bankrupt statement (in the article): "They made a marvelous discovery. Their babies are real people and respond to being treated as such." Good grief!


Santa Monica

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