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Babies and Briefcases

December 21, 1986

I find it difficult to sympathize with the working mothers who were interviewed for Beverly Beyette's recent article on the Babies and Briefcases group ("Working Mothers and Career-Parent Conflicts," Dec. 12). These women admitted that they were not working to put food on the table. Rather they are working for personal reasons or to keep up a "yuppie" life style.

Don't they realize how selfish they are being, putting their own ego-gratification above the very real needs of their children and family?

Each woman mentioned how guilty she felt, leaving their babies and toddlers to be raised by non-family members. Well, they should feel guilty. There is no more important job in this world than the nurturing of young children, and taking the responsibility to guide them and love them full-time.

I worked professionally for 12 years. I have two college degrees. I am now a full-time mom with a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old.

My life hasn't ended because I stay home; in fact, now I can do more creative free-lance work when I can fit it into my busy day.

Any stay-at-home mom knows that no one can care for her children as well as she can. You can stay professionally involved and be home with your children if you want to badly enough.

How do I afford to stay home? My car is nine years old, and we don't own a microwave or a video camera.

My husband and I firmly believe that full-time parental care of our children is more important than the potential raise in our standard of living. I am confident that my children would agree that they love having someone there every day who cares about them more than anything in the world.


Redondo Beach

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