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Nothing Is Sacred--Even Clifton's

December 21, 1986

A surge of outrage welled within me after reading your article, "Customers Saddened to See End of Line at Clifton's Cafeteria" (Westside Section, Dec. 7).

Is there nothing sacred left in our ever-growing city? I have lived in Los Angeles for 25 years. I came here as a teen-age bride. Clifton's Cafeteria is a landmark to my family's memories.

My children, now ages 22 and 24, were taken to Clifton's for their "Kiddie Specials" as babies. They would only want to eat there! Clifton's was our family's meeting place because the food was excellent and the prices were always reasonable.

My mother and her cronies ate there until she died three years ago. Mother would trek from the San Fernando Valley to meet the "girls" (all 70 to 80 years old) once a week at Clifton's. They would schmooze and shop. She even met an elderly man there whom she dated many times.

My husband has an office in Century City. He is a man of sophisticated tastes, yet he prefers catching a quick lunch at Clifton's to any other eating establishment.

This is such a shame! Can't the government subsidize the rent? After all, Clifton's is such a morale booster for "our forgotten senior citizens" and other low-income people. Los Angeles, please hear this cry!


Marina del Rey

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