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Weekend Entertaining

Becoming Party to a Host of Resolutions

December 27, 1986|ROSE DOSTI | Times Staff Writer

New Year's resolutions, happy or mean, lofty or lowdown, petty or magnanimous, occur with more frequency throughout the year than most hosts and hostess and/or home entertaining buffs would admit.

"You'll never catch me giving another party as long. . . . " "Never will I ever again. . . . " "Yes, I must remember to repeat. . . . " "Remind me to invite. . . . "

So we asked a cross-section of such resolvers to recall their resolutions. And here they are with their best shots.


For every guest, a wish for mankind's happiness.

--Walter Annenberg, former ambassador to Great Britain.

I'd like to be invited to more parties, which means I'll have to start giving a few of my own, maybe starting in 1987 with a reunion party of all the people I worked with and enjoyed knowing during the 25 years in business.

--Tony Bill, producer, director, co-owner 72 Market Street restaurant.

To be ready when the doorbell rings.

--Julia Child, author and culinary personality.

I will not wash up after 20 people when my holiday lunch is over and will not go to three parties a night!

--Jackie Collins, author, "Hollywood Husbands" (Simon & Schuster).

To try a recipe for the wild duck, which artist Richard Jackson hunted and brought to us.

--Rosamund Felsen, art gallery owner.

Let's hope President Reagan and (Soviet leader Mikhail) Gorbachev reach some accord, if only to help me keep up the same level of (Soviet Embassy) vodka and caviar as my guests enjoyed last year.

--Dr. Robert P. Gale, associate professor of medicine, UCLA Medical Center, chairman Bone Marrow Transplant Registry, and who worked with some of the Chernobyl victims.

To work together with caring people who want to alleviate the situation of the homeless.

--Fred Hayman, owner, chairman and chief executive officer of Giorgio, Beverly Hills, and co-founder/co-chairman of Greater Los Angeles Partnership for the Homeless.

I'll be looking forward to inviting the baseball commissioner for dinner with my family during the World Series in Los Angeles in 1987.

--Tommy Lasorda, manager, Dodgers.

My real problem is being on time to my own parties. I'm determined to surprise everyone in 1987.

-- Carole Little, fashion designer.

To have as much fun as my guests.

--Jackie Olden, culinary radio and television personality.

I'm going to give more parties to introduce emerging artists so they can take their deserved place in the community. I also want to be sure the introductions are properly made so that glaringly obvious attempts at opportunism do not ruin the evening.

--Joan Quinn, West coast editor, Interview magazine; member California Arts Council.

To have more Sunday barbecues on Monday.

--Patrick Terrail, former owner of Ma Maison restaurant and, currently, the Hollywood Diner, which is closed on Mondays.

Never serve a seafood quiche with fig sauce unless your agents are present. They'll eat anything.

--Heather Thomas, actress, "Fall Guy" television series.

To share with friends some of my restaurant finds that I've been trying to keep secret--like that wonderful little hideaway on Third called the Fortune Fountain. I just hope they don't become so successful I won't be able to get a reservation.

--Jay Weston, motion picture producer.

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