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Rona & Kfi

December 28, 1986

Peter Brown and Jim Pinkston's report in Outtakes (Dec. 7) that KFI had "sneaked" a couple of live phone-in shows with Rona Barrett on its airwaves was false.

1--The "Ask Rona Barrett" radio specials--which I produced--did not "sneak" onto KFI, but were provided as part of the programming KFI is regularly supplied by the Mutual Broadcasting System--which employs Barrett, not KFI.

2--KFI was in no way "auditioning" Barrett, despite what some unnamed KFI spokesman supposedly said. In 1986, KFI already carried three of her specials. There was no need for her to audition since the station was fully aware of the program and content.

3--They reported that Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone were among Barrett's guest callers. They were not, though I am sure they would have made valuable contributions. Among the guest callers were Bette Davis, James Stewart, Carol Burnett, Tom Selleck and George Burns.

Other than that, it was a great report.

BILL ROYCE, president

Rona Barrett Communications

Beverly Hills

Mark Feldman, director of public relations of the Mutual Broadcasting Corp., Arlington, Va., said that the KFI shows were not an audition of Barrett but an attempt at "trying out" the concept of an entertainment call-in show.

He also noted that the Barrett organization said in promotional material sent to Mutual that Eastwood and Stallone, plus a long list of other stars, might be calling the show.

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