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Nicaragua and the Contras

December 31, 1986

The Nicaraguan people in exile, as well as residents and naturalized U.S. citizens of all socio-economic classes, resent the approval and friendly feeling that some North Americans seem to have for the existing Marxist-Leninist Nicaraguan government.

We are deeply offended by this unrecognized government which has dislodged us of our belongings, and most of all, of our spiritual rights, our church, our families and our traditions.

Please, don't let yourself get fooled and tricked by lies and communist propaganda.

We are proud of our President, a true American who has the courage to fight liberals for the safeguard of our country, our continent and our whole world. He recognizes the danger we are surrounded by and does not let these so called "liberals" allow Central America to become another Cuba.

Freedom Fighters (contras) are not terrorists. Terrorism was founded and is being supported and guided by communists and communists alone.

Terrorism we consider also to be people trying to discredit, injure and destroy reputations of individuals doing their jobs, due to their ignorance and lack of scruples.

I personally make a request to join me on my prayers for a free Nicaragua in 1987.


Van Nuys

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