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Smoking and Free Speech

January 01, 1987

Indoor air pollution is choking America. Most point to smoking as the culprit; smoking bans are the current rage.

Also a rage is flooding offices and homes with plants in a desperate attempt to recover the "natural" atmosphere.

I recently went to an ear, nose and throat doctor for relief from allergies I suffer only when in my home. He advised me to quit smoking, but he also said that plants and the spores they emit could be the main source of my constantcoughing and sneezing.

This morning, while coughing and sneezing, I took all the plants out of the house. Within five minutes, my coughing and sneezing ceased. I am convinced.

Perhaps when we pass ordinances to ban smoking, we should also include plants and have several segregated areas in our offices: No Smoking, No Plants, No Smoking or Plants, Smoking Allowed, Plants Allowed, Smoking and Plants Allowed.

Plants need fresh air, just like people. Just like people, plants don't behave well in entombed atmospheres. Free the plants.


Mission Viejo

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