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Lynwood : Raises for Clerk, Treasurer

January 01, 1987

The City Council has approved a $600 raise for the city clerk and a $100 raise for the city treasurer.

The raises for Andrea Hooper, the city clerk and Mary Wright, the treasurer, become effective Jan. 16.

Hooper's salary will rise to $1,500 a month. Wright's salary to $400 monthly.

Hooper, who was first appointed to the position on April, 20, 1982, has never received a raise, Councilman Robert Henning said.

"It was obscene. The salary for the job was outdated. There were people in the office of the clerk whom she was supervising that were making more than her," Henning said.

Hooper was appointed to replace a clerk who resigned. She was elected to the position in November, 1983. The term is for four years.

Wright is serving her first four-year term as treasurer. She also was elected in November, 1983.

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