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'Bigger Blunder' on SALT II

January 06, 1987

Can someone tell me why the Administration has chosen to thumb its nose at current efforts toward arms control by violating the SALT II treaty in launching that more-than-is-allowed B-52 bomber equipped to carry nuclear weapons?

Considering that:

1--Our nuclear stockpile already has an overkill capacity, being able to destroy the world a dozen times over.

2--All sane people know that to launch a heavy nuclear weapon, either as a first strike or in retaliation, will ultimately resuit in suicide for ourselves and the planet as a whole.

3--As Arkansas Sen. Dale Bumpers has noted, the Soviets have never been accused of deploying more weapons than the treaty specifically permitted; now they will feel free!

4--All the other members of NATO have urged the United States to keep the treaty.



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