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Teasers: The Movies Of '87

January 11, 1987|PAT H. BROESKE and DAVID PECCHIA

"Disorderlies"--The Fat Boys rap group are bungling orderlies in an action comedy about a shady compulsive gambler (Anthony Geary) who must snuff his millionaire uncle (Ralph Bellamy) to satisfy a gambling debt to a sinister mob man. Michael Schultz directs. With Tony Plana. (Warners)

"Doin' Time on Planet Earth"--Charles Matthau (Walter's boy) directs his first feature, about an extraterrestrial from the suburbs. Does he take the first spaceship out of town or try to make the best of it here on planet Earth? Stars Nicholas Strouse, Matt Adler and Adam (Batman) West. (Cannon)

"Dragnet 1987"--Based on the characters from the TV show, Dan Aykroyd is Joe Friday (a nephew of the better-known Joe Friday). Tom Hanks plays his hip but strait-laced partner. Dabney Coleman and Christopher Plummer are villainous conspirators who wish to take over L.A. Tom Mankiewicz directs. With Harry Morgan reprising his Bill Gannon role. (Universal)

"The Emperor's New Clothes"--Sid Caesar plays the emperor whose tailor (Robert Morse) fits him with some threads that are not quite all there. David Irving directs. With Clive Revill. (Cannon)

Los Angeles Times Sunday January 25, 1987 Home Edition Calendar Page 61 Calendar Desk 3 inches; 106 words Type of Material: Correction
We also erroneously identified the Albert Pyun-directed "Down Twisted." (We called it "Dangerously Close," which was the title of Pyun's last movie.) The Cannon film ("an '80s damsel-in-distress-adventure, a crazy Mexican melodrama and a deadpan comedy--all rolled into one") opens in February.
Skouras Pictures also reports a new title for the story of expatriate poet Gertrude Stein and her companion Alice B. Toklas. It's now "Waiting for the Moon" (not the earlier title, "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine"). Due in the spring.
And, our apologies to Monique Gabrielle--one of the stars of "Deathstalker II" (due this summer from Concorde/New Horizon). We identified her as a former Penthouse Pet of the Year; turns out she was a Pet of the Month.

"Enemy Territory"--Jan-Michael Vincent and Ray Parker Jr. (who sang the "Ghostbusters" title cut) are trapped at night in a high-rise tenement inhabited by a violent gang. Peter Manoogian directs. With Gary Frank. (Empire)

"Ernest Goes to Camp"--Ernest P. Worrell, the rubber-faced handyman made famous by hundreds of TV commercials, becomes the hero of his first motion picture as a camp counselor for a group of delinquents. John Cherry directs Jim Varney (Ernest). (Buena Vista)

"The Farm"--A meteor plummets into a peaceful peach orchard and contaminates the water supply--and anyone/anything drinking from it. David Keith directs this horror-thriller. With Wil Wheaton, Claude Akins, John Schneider. (Trans World)

"Five Corners"--Jodie Foster stars in this Tony Bill-directed film that focuses on 36 hours in the life of a Bronx neighborhood in the early '60s. With Tim Robbins. (Cineplex Odeon)

"Good Morning, Babylon"--Two Italian brothers come to Hollywood early in this century to seek their fortunes and fulfill their dreams by working on the legendary Babylon set for D. W. Griffith's "Intolerance." Paolo and Vittorio Taviani co-direct. Stars Charles Dance, Vincent Spano, Joaquim de Almeida, Greta Scacchi and Desiree Becker. (Vestron)

"Green Monkey"--A dramatic thriller about an alien plant form that baffles a team of doctors who attempt to learn of its origin. Directed by William Fruet. No cast announced. (Spectrafilm)

"The Hanoi Hilton"--A group of American warriors, captured north of the DMZ and incarcerated in the infamous Hoa Lo Prison (a.k.a. the Hanoi Hilton), struggle to maintain courage and dignity under seemingly hopeless conditions. Stars Michael Moriarty, Paul Le Mat, Jeffrey Jones, David Soul. Lionel Chetwynd directs. (Cannon)

"Harry and the Hendersons"--A typical American family (headed by John Lithgow) has an unusual house guest who changes their lives. William Dear directs. With Kevin Peter Hall and Melinda Dillon. (Universal)

"Hearts of Fire"--Richard Marquand directs the story of a female rock 'n' roller (Fiona Flanagan) who finds success in England while experiencing a tumultuous affair with her idol, an American rock legend (Bob Dylan). With Rupert Everett. (Fox)

"Hellraiser"--Horror yarn about a couple who return to their ancestral home in England and discover it contains a mysterious puzzle box that promises the ultimate pleasure but, instead, unleashes demons from hell. Written/directed by Clive Barker (England's version of Stephen King). Stars Andy Robinson. (New World)

"House II: The Second Story"--Jesse McLaughlin inherits a large, haunting stone house where he thinks he'll do some peaceful painting. Hah! Ethan Wiley directs Arye Gross and Jonathan Stark. (New World)

"Illegally Yours"--Rob Lowe stars as a young juror who discovers that a female defendant was his adolescent infatuation. So, he sets out to prove her innocence. A screwball comedy directed by Peter Bogdanovich. (DEG)

"Ishtar"--Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty are down-on-their-luck singer-songwriters who're so desperate for a gig, they head for Morocco--and inadvertent involvement in a Middle-Eastern CIA operation. Oh, there's a casting twist: Hoffman plays the ladies man and Beatty has a tough time attracting women. Another twist: They'll sing original tunes by Paul Williams. Elaine May directs. With Charles Grodin and Isabelle Adjani. (Columbia)

"Jaws '87"--The big biter is back in sequel No. 3, which shifts the focus to Chief Brodie's wife (Larraine Gary) and sons. It's set in the Bahamas this time around. Joseph Sargent directs. (Universal)

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