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Teasers: The Movies Of '87

January 11, 1987|PAT H. BROESKE and DAVID PECCHIA

"Jean De Florette"--The title character (Gerard Depardieu) is an idealistic hunchback from the foreign world of the city who arrives in a small village in provincial southwest France during the 1920s to farm the land. Based on Marcel Pagnol's epic novel. Also stars Also Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil. Directed by Claude Berri. (Orion Classics)

"Jimmy Reardon"--An irreverent comedy written/directed by William Richert from his novel "Aren't You Even Gonna Kiss Me Goodbye". River Phoenix ("Stand By Me," "The Mosquito Coast") is a teen-ager who makes the sometimes difficult transition to manhood in the early 1960s. Ann Magnuson and Meredith Salinger co-star. (Island)

"Judgement in Stone"--Rita Tushingham portrays a mysterious housekeeper who takes a job with a wealthy family. She doesn't do windows but she will deal in blackmail and murder. From the best-selling Ruth Rendell novel. Ousama Rawi directs. (Castle Hill)

"Julia & Julia" (working title)--More time traveling for Kathleen Turner? She plays a lady who's involved in an auto accident on her wedding day. Her husband's killed in the wreck. Later, she dreams her way back to when her hubby was alive and has an extra-marital affair with Sting during the dream. Peter Del Monte directs. With Gabriel Byrne. (Cinecom)

Los Angeles Times Sunday January 25, 1987 Home Edition Calendar Page 61 Calendar Desk 3 inches; 106 words Type of Material: Correction
We also erroneously identified the Albert Pyun-directed "Down Twisted." (We called it "Dangerously Close," which was the title of Pyun's last movie.) The Cannon film ("an '80s damsel-in-distress-adventure, a crazy Mexican melodrama and a deadpan comedy--all rolled into one") opens in February.
Skouras Pictures also reports a new title for the story of expatriate poet Gertrude Stein and her companion Alice B. Toklas. It's now "Waiting for the Moon" (not the earlier title, "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine"). Due in the spring.
And, our apologies to Monique Gabrielle--one of the stars of "Deathstalker II" (due this summer from Concorde/New Horizon). We identified her as a former Penthouse Pet of the Year; turns out she was a Pet of the Month.

"La Bamba"--Taylor Hackford co-produces this life story of '50s rock 'n' roller Ritchie Valens (played by newcomer Lou Diamond Phillips), who achieved his dreams before his tragic death in that 1959 plane crash with Buddy Holly. Luis Valdez directs. Co-stars Esai Morales, Rosana De Soto, Elizabeth Pena, Danielle VonZerneck, Joe Pantoliano, Rick Dees. (Columbia)

"The Land of Small"--A brother and sister fall into an enchanted world after befriending a magical leprechaun. But they must find a pouch of gold and return it to "The Land of Small" to ensure their new found friend's safety. Stars Karen Elkin and Michael Blouin. Vojta Jasny directs. (New World)

"The Living Daylights"--Timothy Dalton makes his 007 debut in James Bond adventure No. 15, in which KGB, profit-hungry arms dealers and the private armies of the world's leading heroin supplier are all outguessed by the Sultan of Suave. John Glen directs. Maryam d'Abo, Joe Don Baker, Art Malik co-star. This one was first published (in book form) in 1966 as one of three short stories in Ian Fleming's "Octopussy." (MGM/UA)

"The Lost Boys"--A newly divorced mom (Diane Wiest ) takes her two sons up to the picturesque seaside community of Santa Carla (a deadringer for Santa Cruz). Serenity is interrupted when a bizarre sequence of events threatens the entire family. Joel Schumacher directs. Co-stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Barnard Hughes, Edward Herrmann, Corey Feldman. (Warners)

"Lust for Freedom"--A group of heroic women reform a corrupt town. Eric Louzil directs Melanie Coll and pro wrestler Dee (Queen Kong) Booher. (Troma)

"Maid to Order"--A Cinderella-in-reverse tale set in today's modern world. Fairy godmother Beverly D'Angelo springs rich spoiled brat Ally Sheedy from jail after magically eliminating her past, thereby compelling her to go out and earn a decent living. Directed by Amy Jones. With Tom Skerritt, Dick Shawn, Valerie Perrine. (New Century/Vista)

"Malone"--Burt Reynolds is Malone, a drifter and former CIA agent who wanders into a small town that a right-wing survivalist group is attempting to take over. Directed by Harley Cokliss. With Cliff Robertson, Lauren Hutton, Kenneth McMillan, Cynthia Gibb. (Orion)

"Manon de Sources"--Another film by Claude Berri, who directed the earlier listed "Jean de Florette." This separate but related feature has Florette's daughter, Manon (newcomer Emmanuelle Beart), vowing--and achieving--vengeance to the injustices done to her father. Based on Marcel Pagnol's series of books. (Orion Classics)

"Masters of the Universe"--Good guy He-Man ("Rocky IV's" surly Dolph Lundgren) does fierce battle with bad guy Skeletor (Frank Langella) in a live-action adventure about superheros and supervillains based on the popular toys-turned-Saturday morning kid-vid. With Meg Foster and Billy Barty. Gary Goddard directs. (Cannon)

"Maurice"--A young English homosexual is spurned by his aristocratic lover (who goes off to get married) but finds true love with a handsome, passionate game warden on his ex-boyfriend's estate. Based on a novel by E. M. Forster. James Ivory directs. Stars James Wilby, Rupert Graves, Denholm Elliott. (Cinecom)

"Million Dollar Mystery--Want to win $1 million? That's what's in store for some moviegoer--if he or she can piece together this film's clues to solve a mystery. As for what's on the screen, well, it's this comedy-adventure about a batch of crazy characters (played mostly by recognizable stand-up comics) in pursuit of a missing $4 million. But, they only find $3 million. . . . With Pam Matteson, Rich Hall. Richard Fleischer directs. (DEG)

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