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Teasers: The Movies Of '87

January 11, 1987|PAT H. BROESKE and DAVID PECCHIA

"Missing in Action III"--Joseph Zito directs. Chuck Norris co-writes and, of course, stars. This time his Col. James Braddock is heading back to 'Nam to rescue Amerasian children. It's a personal mission: One of the kids is his. (Cannon)

"The Monster Squad"--Contemporary comedy about a group of kids who live in a small Southern Bayou community and call themselves the Squad. They seriously believe that all their fantasies about monsters are real . . . and they're right! Fred Dekker directs Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht. (Tri-Star)

"Nadine"--Robert Benton writes and directs the story of a small-time manicurist with moxie named Nadine (Kim Basinger), and her philandering ne'er-do-well hubby (Jeff Bridges). When a photographer is murdered--after taking risque pictures of Nadine--they both become prime suspects. (Tri-Star)

"The Night Before"--Thom Eberhardt , who did the cultish "Night of the Comet," directs this comedy about a high-school senior (Keanu Reeves) who can't recall where he "lost" his prom date (Lori Loughlin). He finally locates her in East L.A., but is chagrined to find out that he sold her to a pimp! Not only does he have to get her back, he's got to get out of East L.A. alive! With Lori Loughlin and Theresa Saldana. (Kings Road)

Los Angeles Times Sunday January 25, 1987 Home Edition Calendar Page 61 Calendar Desk 3 inches; 106 words Type of Material: Correction
We also erroneously identified the Albert Pyun-directed "Down Twisted." (We called it "Dangerously Close," which was the title of Pyun's last movie.) The Cannon film ("an '80s damsel-in-distress-adventure, a crazy Mexican melodrama and a deadpan comedy--all rolled into one") opens in February.
Skouras Pictures also reports a new title for the story of expatriate poet Gertrude Stein and her companion Alice B. Toklas. It's now "Waiting for the Moon" (not the earlier title, "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine"). Due in the spring.
And, our apologies to Monique Gabrielle--one of the stars of "Deathstalker II" (due this summer from Concorde/New Horizon). We identified her as a former Penthouse Pet of the Year; turns out she was a Pet of the Month.

"No Way Out"--Suspense thriller set within the inner reaches of the Pentagon. Lt. Commander Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner) is given just 48 hours to find the sole witness to a brutal crime that is being covered up. Only Farrell knows that the witness is . . . himself. Directed by Roger Donaldson. Also stars Gene Hackman and Sean Young. (Orion)

"The Pick-Up Artist"--Robert Downey is a hot-shot pick-up artist who loves and leaves the girls . . . until he meets and mates with Molly Ringwald who loves and leaves him. How dare she! James Toback directs romantic comedy that Warren Beatty helped develop. With Dennis Hopper. (Fox)

"Ping Pong"--Sam Wong is found dead of a heart attack in a phone booth in London's Chinatown. Because of the difficult terms of his will, and because of her Asian ancestry, the executrix of Sam's estate (Lucy Sheen) is thrown for a cross-cultural loop. Po Chih Leong directs this study of the importance of heritage. With David Yip and Robert Lee. (Goldwyn)

"Pool Hustler"--A young Italian has a passion for pocket billiards and he'll stop at nothing to finance an escalating bet he has made with the Italian pool champion. It's a comedy. Director Maurizio Ponzi. Stars Francesco Nuti and Giuliana De Sio. (Orion Classics)

"A Prayer for the Dying"--Thriller with Mickey Rourke as an ex-IRA terrorist running from his past. To flee the country he must kill just one more time to obtain a false passport from mobster Alan Bates. There's a witness: Priest Bob Hoskins, who cannot speak of the murder when Rourke confesses to him due to the "seal of the confessional." Mike Hodges directs from Jack Higgins' book. (Goldwyn)

"Predator"--Arnold Schwarzenegger leads a military rescue unit (uh-oh!) looking for allies captured by guerrillas in the Latin American jungle. A mysterious adversary (not from the known world) emerges from the bush, picking Arnie's army off one by one. Schwarzenegger's challenge: to stay alive. Directed by John McTiernan. With Carl Weathers. (Fox)

"The Princess Bride"--Rob Reiner directs a comic tale of true love and high adventure. Includes damsels in distress, castles and knights, rescue missions, villains and Andre the Giant (as a good guy). William Goldman writes the screenplay from his own best-selling novel. Norman Lear exec produces. Stars Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin. (Fox)

"Real Men"--James Belushi is a super- macho CIA agent who is ordered to kidnap and escort mild-mannered, family man John Ritter cross country in three days. Dennis Feldman, who scripted Eddie Murphy's "The Golden Child," gets his first shot at directing. With Barbara Barrie and Karen Hopkins. (MGM/UA)

"Rent-A-Cop"--Hard-action romance flick pairing Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli. He's an ex-cop; she's an ex-hooker. They team up to find and neutralize an unstoppable killer who has ruined his career and now is intends on gunning her down. Jerry London directs. Robby Benson, James Remar, Richard Masur, Dionne Warwick co-star. (Kings Road)

"Resurrection of Fear"--A free-spirited woman (Stacey Schaffer) arrives in a small town and gets entangled in the evil goings-on at a haunted monastery. With Russ Tamblyn. Glenn Gebhard directs. (Concorde/New Horizon)

"Rites of Summer"--Character study about the clashes and coming to terms of a zealous outdoorsman (Kevin Bacon) who runs a survival experience program in the High Sierras and the boys who are in his charge. Jeff Bleckner directs. With Sean Astin. (Columbia)

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