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SDG&E and Pollution

January 11, 1987

Environmental organizations are concerned with the negative attitude of San Diego Gas & Electric Co. and its lawsuit over emission fees needed to support the Air Pollution Control District.

It appears that SDG&E wants the burden to continue to fall on small business in San Diego County. Small business now pays 87% but produces less than half the pollution. Service stations alone pay 34% of the total annual permit renewal fees but only emit 1%. The Clean Air Coalition is pleased to see that the rest of the industrial community recognizes their responsibility.

The full cost of pollution will never be accounted for when we consider health effects, agriculture loss, dying lakes, disappearing forests, damaged paint, etc. We are now learning that these effects are far more serious than we had previously believed.

Good weather, efforts by the APCD to regulate polluters and advances in control equipment are improving our air quality.

We still have to make further improvements to offset population increases and industrial growth. We must have all polluters pay their fair share to have blue skies every day in San Diego.

We are very disappointed with San Diego Gas & Electric.


San Diego

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